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About us


At RWC, we believe in a Christ centered experience that allows everyone to worship freely and to gain wisdom and knowledge directly from the Word of God. We live by a mission statement that inspires us to be effective disciples of Christ. 


our story

Our story began on September 1st, 1974, when 30 people met in the Fairfax Theatre Building as a part of Bible Deliverance Temple. Although there was not a church building to go to, they already knew the purpose of their small church. During the first service, it was evident that all members had a great love for one another. "This love was to develop into a church that had one of the greatest and loving spirits of any church within this area. A church for all people."

Many roadblocks came along for this small church but nothing was going to stand in the way of them pursuing after the promises and prophecies God had spoken to them. Without any funds or loans to start on the process of building a church, they turned to their faith in the Lord. As they grew more obedient, the Lord provided exactly what He said He would. Land was donated, funds came in, and after some time, a loan was approved that would lead to the construction of Bible Deliverance Temple. 

Until 1975, no Pentecostal church had remained successful in Riverview, Alabama. 

On September 7th, 1975, all of this would change. On this day, the first service was held in the new sanctuary. The spirit of the Lord fell on all of the 64 attending members that Sunday morning. From this day forward, the Lord never stopped blessing this small church in the small community of Riverview. 

Even after all of these years, the Lord has continued to bless us now as Revenant Worship Center. Love God and love one another. The basis of our church and more importantly, the basis of our lives. "We can truly say that the Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting and His truth endureth to all generations."

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